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10:00 - Blok I

Opening of TEDxBrno

Monika Barton - Three and a Half Stories from Southland

Vladimír Franz

TED  talk

Renata Veselská - Science and Conscience

Oldřich Botík - Thank goodness, it is not school that teaches our children to speak!

Zoja Mikotová - Talk with Hands, Understand with Eyes

Lunch break


13:30 -Blok II

Rod Paton - Lifemusic – Putting the hum into human!

Radim Polcak - Information fetishism and the art of forgiving

Ratnesh Marhur - Diversity of Jobs - Serendipity & the Jack of All Trades

TED  talk

Tomáš Turek Is radio broadcasting for the young generation meaningful?  

Kateřina Šedá - Haven´t found the house, it´s in the Thames


16:00 - Blok III

Milan Kniezevic - The Power of Zero

Jakub Dvorský - Independent Games

TED  talk

Aleš Zemánek - Motivational paradoxes 

Zuzana Derflerová - Brázdová - What do experts need to know in fieldwork? or  Extra-professional skills essential for expert jobs in international organisations

Pavel Fajt - 



Informal  networking with refreshment

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