Our Speakers

Denisa Kera

Denisa Kera is a philosopher and a designer, one of the initiators of the GeekDiplomacy.org network supporting research in developing countries. She builds design prototypes, critical probes and tools to enable common people from all around the world to reflect, deliberate, and participate in emergent science and technology issues. She follows and studies science community labs, alternative R&D places (Hackerspaces, FabLabs) and various DIY (Do It Yourself) bio movements, which offer a new model of how to connect policy and design. She has extensive experience as a curator of exhibitions and projects related to art, technology and science, and had a previous career in internet start-ups and journalism. Currently, she works as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore and is also a fellow of the Asia Research Institute, where she is trying to bring together Science Technology Society (STS) studies with interactive media design.
Reduta Theatre, Brno