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Rod Paton was educated at University of Southampton and JAMU in Brno, later gaining his doctorate from the University of Sussex for research into music and social renewal and subsequently training as a music therapist. For the past 25 years he has been developing the use of creative music as a community resource and is the founder of the Lifemusic™ method based on the principle that everyone is both musical and creative, providing access to live music-making for all regardless of background or training and dissolving the hierarchies. Rod also works as a jazz and improvising horn player and is the composer of many ‘cross-over’ works including the acclaimed Ascension Jazzmass. Today, he shares his time between the seaside village of Pagham in West Sussex and Brno teaching improvisation, composition and community music at University of Chichester and leading improvisation sessions at JAMU as well as performing alongside Czech musicians in various venues.

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