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Ratnesh came to Brno in 2003, to setup a outsourcing center for an Indian company, Infosys. During his 7 year stay, he created a team of 20+ nationalities, processing in 16 languages. Prior to this European experience, Ratnesh had lived & worked in different cities of India & Afghanistan, experiencing the full diversity of south asian languages & cultures. An MBA with a graduate degree in maths, Ratnesh has 13 years of international banking, 5 years of IT/Outsourcing & 2 years of Consulting experience. Ratnesh believes that multicultural communities can be created without speaking too many languages but merely by an awareness of the approximate Origin of Words, of everyday use. Ratnesh has now created a company, Indoeuropeans, to create new cultural ties between a Rural Indian village and an Urban European town, through trade & community development projects.

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