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Ales Zemanek (*1977) is a manufacturer of lay bikes. In 1997 when travelling around Norway he saw a strange bike called "lay bike", which changed his life. He started to ride a lay bike in the same year and in 1999 he constructed his own one. That became the cornerstone of his newly founded company which currently produces 11 models and exports lay bikes to approximately 25 countries, from Japan to USA. He is also a pioneer of lay bikes wider use. He has showed that lay bikes can be successfully used even in challenging terrains and, in 2006, he was selected for the "Dvanáct odvážných" (The Brave Twelve) TV documentary series focused on entrepreneurs who had chosen their own paths. Since 2000, he has been presenting various possibilities and potentials of cycling to Czech customers. He supplies Czech shops with folding bicycles, baby carriages, special leather seats, waterproof bags, and many other bike-related goods.

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