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TEDxBrno brings ideas that are worth sharing and TEDxBrno Achievement showcases ideas that are worth realizing. We are looking for ideas that have taken on concrete shape and brought something beneficial to the people of Brno, and for the individuals most responsible for their success.

TEDxBrno Achievement can be any socially beneficial project, service or event that benefits a specific location (the city, its surroundings or parts, such as a neighbourhood, street, school, park) or a specific community or group of people.

TEDxBrno Achievement must fulfil the following conditions

  • It brings something inspirational, original and creative
  • Improves quality of life in areas such as culture, education, science, research, social or business innovation, environment, civic society etc.
  • It has results which can be verified – e.g. media documents, photos, video/film, documented evidence etc.
  • It took place in 2011, nevertheless its implementation may have started earlier

Reward for winning achievements

Winning achievements will be selected by a jury composed of selected personalities and representatives of TEDxBrno partners. The reward for the best entries will be free entry to the conference and help with medialization of these achievements through TEDxBrno information channels, Brnopolis, the City of Brno and TEDxBrno media partners.


Jiří Dušek (director of Observatory and Planeterium Brno), Jasna Flamiková (director of the Veronica Foundation), Petr Hurník (architect), Tereza Chrástová (project coordinator of the Creative center, City of Brno Council), Julie Kalodová (journalist and foodblogger), Anna Putnová (Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management), Adam Zbiejczuk (social media specialist and publicist), Lenka Zogatová (Fléda NGO).

Main partners

Vodafone Foundation CTP




In order to participate in the competition, send a message with the following structure to by October 31, 2011

  • Title of the achivement
  • Description of the achievement and its main output (as documented)
  • Who is the target group and / or where is the site? Why did you choose them?
  • How was the achievement beneficial and useful for the community and / or the site?
  • What makes the achievement original and innovative?
  • How long did the achievement take place or how long did the preparations for its execution last? (recurring or one-off event)?
  • Can the achievement serve as an inspiration? If so, for whom?
  • Nominated person who most deserves the merit (full name, contact, references)
  • Nominating individual or organization, including contact (may be identical to the nominated person)

The competition links to the Achievement of the Year organised by Brnopolis o.s. in 2008/09, and is inspired by TEDxAmsterdam Challenge, and Brussels' Changemakers (telling the stories of inspiring individuals who have the desire to do things differently and to create social or environmental good).

Do something small to get great ideas done

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